More Home Appliances Could get a Longer Life

Computers, fans, microwaves and irons could get a longer life if we could get them fixed

I wonder if the manufacturers could start doing more restoration and selling second hand appliances and when we go to shop we could choose between a new one and restored mix

If more persons individuals were trained to do the restoration job there would be less waste to burn in landfills

And we would have more money to pay our bills

If we could stop discarding so many of our old appliances we would be creating jobs for the people who could restore them

We would be reducing the amount of waste we burn and reduce the poor air quality problem

I hope this way of doing things will get more of our attention

Saving a few pennies here and there is a good decision

In these days when jobs are scarce and climate change is creating havoc on earth

There are many little ideas that can be of worth

We could start learning how to fix more things every day

It is time for us to send some of our pollution problems away

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Saving our planet while we save money, is there anything that is better for us to do?

If we do more renovating, upcycling and restoring we will find new ways to make it through

There are people who make a living out of this kind of work sometimes

Many of the things we throw away can help us to save much more than a dime

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We all belong to one world and we can encourage each other more

We all want our children to have a future that is secure

And since there are so many thing we can do to make a difference

We can stop pretending that fixing things and spending less doesn’t make a lot of sense


There are free coloring pages and ebooks for the children here today…. send a request

You can support the kids project in many ways ….. let’s change the way Mother Earth is being treated today


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9 thoughts on “More Home Appliances Could get a Longer Life

  1. The way I understand it, is that appliances and heating equipment are designed to last 7-8 years, so we will buy more often. We have fixed our 8 year old microwave twice and hope to keep it going longer. Hope all is well Denise. Allan

    1. designed to last 7-8 years… wow I wish the parts that are worn out could be replaced or the manufacturers could do more for the environment by collecting the old appliances to recycle them so they won’t end up in the landfills. Allan I hope things will change

  2. The trend, over the last 20 years or so, has been “planned obsolescence,” requiring upgrades or trade-ins every 3 to 5 years, for most items.

    As kagould17 pointed out, above, even appliances are only designed to last about 7 years (hence the typical 5 year warranty), and until consumers begin to demand a different set of options, that is what we will get.

      1. No, but they do not exist for care about such things: they exist to make money, so society must put laws in place that direct that energy and use of resources to benefit all of us, rather that just some of us.

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