If More Useful Things Could Be Made from Recycled Plastic People Would be more Interested in Waste Separation

Waste separation becomes more important

When more recycling and reusing is what we want

It is good that more companies are getting involved in recycling recently

More jobs are being created and these companies are expanding rapidly

Photo by fauxelhttps://www.360recycleja.com/s on Pexels.com


Poor countries could benefit a lot from having companies like these in poor communities

Since rich countries produce excess plastic waste they could help poor countries to set up more of these businesses

Since we all need a solution for plastic pollution

I hope the large manufacturers and the Government in rich countries will make a decision

So more investment can be made in green businesses that create sustainable jobs for the unemployed

We shouldn’t sit and watch as our environment is being destroyed

All made from recycled plastic


And do more with plastic waste so we can stop the pollution of our environment

I hope they will see that this is a matter that is in need of a simple commitment



If we don’t want our poor communities to be over run with drugs and guns

We can create more sustainable jobs for daughters and sons

Economies will grow and crime could be reduced in the Ghetto

I hope leaders will look at this idea and they won’t say no



The Company 360ReCyleja is producing park benches, waste bins, slides for the children’s play area, flower pots and so much more

I hope this company and others like it can get all the support they need so we can have poverty reduction and the poor will open new doors

If more useful things that are not discarded quickly can be made from recycled plastic each day

After a while we would send the plastic pollution problem away

More unemployed people can easily learn to make some of these things you see in these photos and you can check out more of the things that are made by this company on their website www.360recycleja.com they can employ more people when they get your support


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6 thoughts on “If More Useful Things Could Be Made from Recycled Plastic People Would be more Interested in Waste Separation

  1. “Recycling became indespensible sources
    ’cause most countries are running out of natural resources!!”

    _-Van Prince

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