When More Green Jobs are Created Poverty Will Be Reduced and Economies will Grow in a Better Way

We can develop economies in a sustainable way

When more green jobs are created everyday

Everyone on the planet will benefit from sustainable development

And we just can’t lose when we do more to protect the environment

Workers, employers and Governments will come together and talk about the issues

Solutions will be found that will be good for countries and no one will feel abused

The system we are working with now is causing a lot of heartache and pain

Workers feel as if they have no voice while some managers are driving them insane

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But more communication and better planning can help us to move in a better direction

We can benefit a lot when we do all we can to remove confusion and division

Since it is clear that we need to take action, we could run out of food and water if we don’t

It is time for us to turn our backs on those who look at the problems we face now and then look at the change we need to make, but still decide that they won’t

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They won’t be doing more to support the business owners who decide to create green jobs for the poor

They won’t support farmers by eating vegetables, ground provisions and fruits even more

They won’t be saving towards using solar energy as they try to reduce their carbon footprint each day

They will tell you that what they do will not cause anything to change anyway

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But we never know what will happen if other people see how much we benefit from going green

They might start thinking about breathing in air that is clean

And before you know it they could want to protect the environment too

And after a while we could be helping a lot of people to improve their lives and make it through

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The cost of energy has been reduced in many places before

And we simply should be creating green jobs more and more

We never know how much better things can get until we try

So let us prepare for a future that is bright before there are too many natural disasters and all our resources run dry

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