Melting Ice in Antarctica and the Rising Sea Level

The extra water from the melting ice could end up in the ocean the researchers say

This will lead to sea level rise in many places and people won’t be living in the same way

There are many issues to talk about now that the ice is gone and valuable substances were uncovered there

Those who want to benefit from the money made don’t want to think about environmental care

One day when they realize that money is not as important as the lives of people and food to eat

I guess they will wish they didn’t need to accept defeat

We should help more people to become aware of what is happening on the planet

Instead of waiting until nothing more can be tried and we can only talk about regret

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Protecting the planet and having experiences that are so great

Is far better than chasing money and then having a lot of anger and hate

Protecting the things that will always protect us, simply makes a lot of sense

Our future won’t be bright if we destroy everything now and live with pretense

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Some folks say the scientist who talk about climate change are simply alarmists

Even though that there are many islands that have ceased to exist

The number of hurricanes increased and they are more powerful now

We will be living better lives when we when we make changes somehow

We can’t loose when we choose to burn less fossil fuels and stop polluting the air

We can benefit from all the things we do when we protect our planet and show how much we care

So let us go green so that our economy can grow in a sustainable way

If we refuse to even try we might never have anything good to say

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Transporting oil has caused so much harm to our environment

There is no reason why we shouldn’t do all we can to live up to a commitment

Now that electric cars can be made and solar energy can be used in many more ways

Marine creatures die and many people who rely on the sea for a livelihood, have no ability to cope

It is time for everyone on the planet to try to make a difference so we won’t need to let go of hope

There is an ecofriendly plan here for the children that adults can support by shopping on this website

Now we all can easily learn how we can treat the environment right

If we should all think about the children and try to make their future bright

We might just put an end to our plight

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