Recycled Plastic Can Help With Job Creation and More

Plastic bottles can become new clothes, sneakers, homes and pavement

And so many new jobs can be created when we take care of the environment

Now that Covid-19 has caused a lot of persons to lose their jobs we can do something new

We should support the business owners that are willing to use more recycled material so they can find new things to do

Plastic waste has become a bigger problem for us since Covid-19 became a pandemic

And there are a lot of problems that we can solve when we use recycled plastic

Think of the many homeless people out there and how they could benefit when more jobs are created

Business people can find new ways to earn also and this should cause them to feel elated

Environmental protection can certainly lead us in the right direction

When we want to have sustainable development and satisfaction

Recycling plastic is a part of the great zero waste plan

Economies can recover faster when people find new jobs and believe that they can

New job creation strategies are needed at this time

Don’t allow people to be depressed when you can help their spirits to climb

Help to spread the word about the need for more environmental protection

Remember you will be helping a lot of persons to move in the right direction

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There is way too much plastic waste on earth

And we can turn waste into something that has worth

So don’t say environmental protection is not that important

When economic growth and new jobs are what we all want

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Waste to wealth means environmental health and more

Now we need to help our children to have a life that is secure

The zero waste plan is great for our planet

We should implement it everywhere so that less people will have regret

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