Climate Change- Causes More Hurricanes, Wild Fires and Increased Poverty

The number of hurricanes and fires in some places have caused more people to become climate refugees

For them life is very distressing they don’t know where to go, they don’t know when they will get some ease

From the natural disasters that have become a lot more frequent because of Climate Change

For them their lives are constantly changing and everything seems to be strange

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There is no safe place to call home anymore

And they don’t even have enough food to make them feel secure

Life is filled with uncertainty and dismay

When not many persons want to protect the environment in a new and better way

They say it makes no sense for us to use less fossil fuels and go green

Even though the hurricane season is the most active one we have ever seen

They won’t be the ones who will die trying to fix a bad situation

Even when they see that the natural disasters cause increased poverty in many nations

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When businesses are destroyed there is a lot of job loss, homelessness and stress

We should try to avoid all that by doing all we can to help the environmentalists to have success

We can listen to the many warnings and then do our part

If you haven’t made any changes as yet, it is not too late to start

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Let us work towards having a new reality

We can do a lot more to protect the environment and reduce poverty

We should never give up before we try

Life is tough when some places are too wet and some are too dry

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This is a new way to spread the word about the need for environmental care


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