Bee Love Award

I would like to thank my Brother Matt Kohrell he shares his faith in Jesus in his blog and encourages others in their faith. He has a good blog where he brightens people’s days. You should Check it out.

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Say thank you for nominating me to the Bee Love Award.Nominate your fellow bloggers.Write your definition of love                                                                                                                  

Love is my guiding light, even though I know the word has been misused and abused a lot. I find peace in knowing the source of the word and acknowledging that there is nothing painful, confusing and pretentious about it.                                                                                                                             I just keep on hoping that the day will come when all the people on earth will take some time to understand why love found its way into the world and how important it is.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               When you know and have love you have everything, it is the world’s greatest treasure and so many persons don’t want to accept that because they have been hurt by people who don’t understand anything about love and what it does for our lives.       

Those of us who know in our hearts that God is love have accepted a truth that transformed our lives and made it better, and we hope that more persons will learn the truth about love one day.

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19 thoughts on “Bee Love Award

  1. Denise you are so kind , a guiding light. Congrats to you. You deserve this. You always come across as having this lovely, open heart. Thank you for the nomination and I will happily do another post re love too. . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hearty congratulations dear Denise on this wonderful Award. Loved reading your superb words on Love and there is nothing but Love in all its Divine essence in this world. You are such a lovely human being all the time doing a lot for our environment. Continue doing so and keep it going. Love reading your posts, dear.

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