Carpooling and the Awesome Benefits

When so many persons are going in the same direction

Carpooling helps them to have a feeling of great satisfaction

As they are saving money, time and the environment

Reducing the number of cars on the roads, causes them to keep their commitment

Photo by sergio souza on

To protecting the environment in new and better ways

So that eventually we all will see those brighter days

When Global warming will not be such a threat to humanity

And there won’t be terrible traffic jams in every city

Our lungs and our savings accounts will thank us a lot

And we will be happy and surprised at the added number of friends we got

Driving in a car alone can be quite boring you will say

Carpooling and meeting new people is the new and better way

We will be showing the children how good it is to go green

So we can all have an environment that is clean

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