Before Single-Use-Plastic Existed


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We should be thinking of the way things were done before Single-Use-Plastic was around

Since it is clear that a solution to the plastic pollution problem needs to be found

There are persons who are thinking about what the Milkman did many years ago

As they try to make plans for having a clean environment and a bright tomorrow

It is time for us to do more to protect the environment before we choose the easy way out

Having Microplastic in our food is something we really need to be concerned about

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2 thoughts on “Before Single-Use-Plastic Existed

  1. I am old enough to remember the milkman delivering milk in glass bottles. We washed them out when they were empty and put them in the milk box to be taken back and sanitized to refill. I am also old enough to remember when cola came in six pack or eight glass bottles that were reusable.

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