Enthusiastic about Reusing Plastic

When companies are truly enthusiastic about reusing plastic

They will buy plastic waste from the poor

They will be finding ways to ensure

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

That recycling is done

And there is hope for every daughter and son

To have a clean environment and live in a better way

Lives will keep on improving every day

Their businesses won’t have a negative impact on Mother Earth

And they’ll be showing consumers that they know what environmental protection is worth

Now that we know that our waste damages the creatures in the Seas

The ways in which we take care of the environment should increase

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2 thoughts on “Enthusiastic about Reusing Plastic

  1. interesting post… very very true… if plastic-producing companies are really enthusiastic—although they haven’t shown much enthusiasm—the condition of the environment would be far better than it currently is.

    I would like a situation whereby governments and world leaders create policies that could put pressure on companies to reuse wasted plastic

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