Mending a Heart

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Mending a heart is not a hard thing to do

You simply help a partner to forget about feeling blue

Remind them of the great things you did together in the past

Tell them how much you want the love to last

Make great plans for a future that is bright

I know you can do it, have happy partners to sleep with at nights

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You’ll be so glad that you decided to try these tips

There is nothing in the world that is better than great relationships


A New Look at Reusing Plastic

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Finally, Big companies have decided to do something new

They are thinking about reducing plastic pollution so we can all make it through

Their new plan was developed because recycling is not working

And they have thought about a way to change the way they do packaging

The oldfashioned way in which the Milkman did his job by reusing

Has been seen as a practice that was worth revisiting

Products will be sold in reusable containers

And we will need to be responsible consumers

Saving the containers so they can be reused by manufacturers

Shampoo bottles, deodorant containers are some of the ones they will be collecting first

I’m glad to see, they are trying to change before the situation gets worst

Press Release and more Information about the Project

environmental protection


Press Release:

A New Way to look at Environmental Protection

Since all we have done to spread the word about the importance of protecting the environment has not brought us the required results; I believe you will agree with me when I say it is time for us to approach the problem in a new way.
This new and fun way of getting this important message out is urgently needed, as Global warming has been causing more hurricanes, droughts and the sea is filled with plastic and other things that are harmful to the sea creatures. Added to that, the children have started to speak out about the terrible state of the environment, as they worry about their future.

This new approach I have been working on; includes a series of ebooks for children. The stories in these ebooks are designed to inform children about the things they can do…

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The Plastic Pollution Problem

Plastic pollution problem


The plastic pollution problem seems to be challenging for persons all over the planet and implementing the zero waste plan is a solution that we should discuss more often.
There are many plastic products we don’t need even though they make life a little easier for us, The plastic straws and the plastic shopping bags are the main items we can live without I think.

Plastic is used to make many products and we find it hard to avoid plastic even though we know it is bad for our environment. There has been public education campaigns about the issue in my country and more persons are now saying they are willing to change some of their habits, so they can reduce plastic use.
It would be good if more public campaigns could be done and I would like to see more done to educate the children about the problem so…

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Trees and The Children

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When children know what trees do for the air

They will not want them to be destroyed, as they’ll know why they care

The generation that has done so much to destroy the environment

Will be replaced by another generation who can make a commitment

To replant trees when they cut them down to make the things they need

They will understand how protecting the environment is linked to every plan they have made when they want to succeed

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They will make the link between clean beaches and having fun

And how good it is to use the energy that is given by the sun

They will want to separate waste as much as they can

And see Protecting the environment as a part of a great plan

When children can see the connection between tasty fruits and trees

They will also want to talk about creating homes for the birds and the bees

So do all you can to tell them more about environmental protection now

There are eBooks here, it is easy for you to show them how

Learn from Those Mistakes

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Making a mistake over and over again

As if you really like pain

Until folks wonder if you are going insane

Makes no sense

So forget pretense

Life can move forward

You can achieve and get awards

Mistakes can keep you in a rut for long

As you just keep on singing the sad song

Life is great when we learn from the mistake

Good plans are what we really need to make 

So let’s take life to the next level so we won’t be frustrated

Life is great when our achievements are celebrated

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Finding Strength

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Don’t fill your heart with dread

So you can follow the ones who were misled

Before they decided that they couldn’t stand tall

And find the strength to demolish the wall

And find the satisfaction that was waiting for them

Over on the other side of the huge problem

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The light is right there on the other side

And you have strength on the inside

Remember how good you will feel when you can beam with pride

So don’t give up, don’t give in, life is great after you win