Why Environmental Protection is Important

Many years ago no one knew that it was important for us to protect the environment and all the waste was discarded in rivers and the ocean

But after diseases killed persons and they found out the cause they realized that the environment needed to be cared for with devotion

There will need to be more recycling of all our waste and we need to shop less

It makes no sense for us to have a lot of stuff to throw away and create a mess

Environmental protection is something we all need to talk about

When the environment is unclean, we can always to dance and shout


Protecting Cell Phones and the Environment

We protect the environment and look forward to having a future that is bright and sunny


When we protect Cell phones they last longer and we save money

We will be reducing the number of old cell phones that gets burned at the landfills

There will be fewer toxins in the air and water so we can forget about becoming ill


Cell phone holders will keep your phones secure, you can order them right here 

Give them as gifts as well, show your friends how much you care

Life and Destruction

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Some folks lose sight of the important things

And then they eventually lose everything

Sometimes they end up behind bars

Where there is no luxury, no fancy cars

They might have loved ones to encourage them to carry on

But no expensive provision

Doesn’t it make you sad

Do you ever wonder if they went mad

Why would you allow money and fame to destroy you

When you can live on the humble street and make it through

Life is not as complicated as they would want you to believe

Smart persons stay away from those who plan to deceive

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Toxins in Electronics

Finding more ways to protect electronics will help us to protect our environment as well

Let’s think about the toxins that get into the water we drink and the food that we buy and sell

Did you notice that there is an increase in the number of Cancer patients in hospitals these days

As we have been using more electronic devices and pesticides in many different ways?

But it is not too late for us to recycle more and use more protective devices like the one you see here

Show the environment how much you care


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Your cell phone won’t be falling to the ground as often as it did before

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Protect your Cell Phone

Cell phones will fall apart when they hit the ground

Sometimes we don’t know why, but they can’t be found

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The materialistic plan

For every woman and man

Includes watching ads on tv

Before going on a shopping spree

And it has left some people dirt poor

When the rich only want more and more

While the environment is being destroyed

The big corporations and their CEO’s are overjoyed

Not realizing they have nothing to gain

From someone else’s pain

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