E-Waste and the problem For the Environment

We buy a lot of gadgets, cell phones and other electronics each day as technology changes and we try to keep up with the latest technology. Not a lot of recycling or reusing of these electronics is taking place at this time; because of this a lot of e-waste have been found in landfills and they take a long time to breakdown and become a part of the soil. They are also highly toxic and they release toxins that will get into our water and our food, that is bad for our health.

E-Waste Problem and Solution

It is important for more persons to get into the business of fixing or recycling laptops, cell phones and other electronics so they will not be discarded. It is possible that our teenagers should spend less of their time trying to be qualified for the traditional careers so they can leave universities with high debt and no jobs. They should start learning all they can about ridding the earth of the toxic waste that is left behind when they discard electronics.

They will be getting ready to start new businesses and employing others, instead of leaving universities and waiting for jobs. Change in our way of thinking is desperately needed at this time and there is a lot that we can do to protect our environment while we find new ways to create jobs and earn.

The Growing E-waste Problem

E-waste just like plastic waste is a big problem that is growing everyday as the materials used to make these products are non biodegradable and finding solutions for the problems that are presented when we use more electronics on a daily basis should be discussed more often.

We should be doing more to help our children to be aware of this e-waste problem so they will start rejecting the upgraded electronics when their old electronics are still working well. Children and teenagers are using more electronics these days than before, so they will have a big problem in a few years if nothing changes in the way e-waste is treated on our planet.
If you are sending electronic waste to landfills, are you thinking about what happens to them next? Very Harmful toxins are released in the air when they are burned.
Poor air quality and toxic soil, that combination is truly bad for our health and we can do more to avoid all the pollution when we simply find more ways to reuse or recycle our waste.

Thinking about what e-waste does to the environment was not seen as something we should think seriously about until recently, but we should not wait until the mountains of e-waste becomes too hard for us to handle before we start thinking of ways to create more jobs by using e-waste.

Creating Jobs with E-waste
Unemployment is a problem in most countries around the world and yet we don’t see a lot of countries doing a lot to make a zero waste plan that would include encouraging the youth to create new products with waste material.

Gamers have employed themselves by creating new games for teenagers to play and this has even caused some teenagers to neglect their school work so they are not as prepared to face life in the future.

Let us do more to show our children how they can learn new ways to earn from using e-waste and find ways to protect the environment at the same time; instead of just spending all their time playing and doing nothing to make their future bright.
Change is needed and it won’t happen if we won’t do anything new. We can learn new ways of reducing our waste and teaching our children how to do the same and protect the environment.

Let us get started now, there is a project here that you will like. www.funwritings.com

The project for the Children and the Environment

Now children will learn how waste affects the Sea Creatures and why they need to be protected. They will be more aware of all the simple things they can do to make their future bright.

Don’t allow children to continue destroying their planet when you can do something about it. Now you can order e-books for them here while you contribute to the project that will spread awareness about environmental pollution and what we can do about it.
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