Find Success

Shut the door, don’t allow doubt to come in

Remember your future is waiting

Without hope you won’t win

Your dreams will just slip away

And there will be nothing to say

No great celebration, no good situation

No participation in the graduation

So shut the door and then do more

So you can forget about being poor 

Give all your attention to your goal

Take control


Jamaica Fixing the Plastic Pollution Problem


The Jamaican Government has decided to fix the plastic pollution problem by banning some plastic shopping bags and plastic straws on the 1st of January 2019. A number of Jamaicans are supporting the ban, at the economy depends on tourism and plastic pollution is threatening the people’s livelihood more and more every day.

Even though Beach Clean up days have become big events and many Jamaicans go out and pick up the plastic waste they find on the beaches, a lot of plastic still gets into the sea. This does great harm to marine animals and humans as well.

Now that we know about microplastics and how it damages the human body, more Jamaicans are willing to rethink, refuse, reduce, recycle and reuse plastic.;

The plastic ban is being used as the beginning of a public education campaign about the damage that single-use plastic and other plastic products do to…

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Relationships- So Important

There is nothing else on the planet that is more important than relationships

So when the cup that is called love passes you by, you should take more than a sip

So you can have more friends to lean on

They will be there when the day is done

They will help you until the troubles cease

They will take away your fears, so worry can decrease 

So don’t allow the love cup to just pass you by

Just take another sip and don’t even ask why

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The Future

Wouldn’t the future look bright

If we could treat the environment right

And put some hope in the hearts of the next generation

So we can have stronger and better nations?

The future will be just what we design with our actions

So let us work together and find satisfaction

We can tell the children how to treat the environment right

So we can all have a future that is bright


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Go Green

Mother Earth says, “don’t be mean, Go Green”

This is the most beautiful place you have ever seen

So we should try to keep it that way

We should work towards having zero waste every day

Mother Earth is wondering why

So many creatures just die

When we can protect the environment and them

Let’s change the things we do, now that we know that  pollution is a problem


Like a Butterfly

They say love can fly away like a butterfly

But I say that is a lie

Love lifted me high

I had no need to sigh

So that other thing they gave

That was just like the wave

Rushing to the shore and thhen leaving

It is not love, and I won’t be believing

My heart will not be hurting no more

Because now I’m sure

That love keeps me secure


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