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Losing Beaches- The Effect of Global Warming

Did you see it?


The loss of beaches has become a reality since hurricanes and tsunamis have started taking them away. Places like Jamaica, South Florida, the Bahamas and other places have lost beaches and in some places, persons have decided to go in search of sand to replace these lost beaches. Violent hurricanes and tsunamis continue to wreak havoc in many places and this rise of the sea level is another problem faced by persons who live on small islands. The change in the number of hurricanes and cyclones we have seen recently has been blamed on Global warming even though there are persons who disagree with this opinion. We all can say hurricane seasons were not as active as they are now, many years ago.

Rising Sea Levels

Sea level rises because of glaciers or ice sheets melting and warming land ice. Even though there are conflicting views about what causes the…

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Microplastic Hurts Us

 Microplastic get into our drinking water and our food

When you decide that you will say no to plastic packaging you are not being rude

You are simply protecting your own health

As you know it is much more important than wealth

Plastic pollution is a problem we must fix

Don’t allow plastics to get into our water and become microplastics


Help our children to be more aware of the things they can do so we can all protect the environment Help our children to be more aware of the things they can do so we can all protect the environment 


Planning For Zero Waste

Zero waste


More information is here about the project for the children and the environment. Show the children how much you care about their future, in a new and creative way. Working towards having zero waste is good for the environment, but it will only become a reality if we tell the children about it and get them involved when we reuse, reduce and recycle plastic.


Having a clean and healthy environment won’t be seen as something that cannot be anymore. We can easily tell the children how to do more to protect our beaches, prevent soil erosion, protect our rivers and work towards having clean air. You won’t have a problem contributing to this awesome project for the children, as you will get a lot in return. It is so easy for you to order e books and fiverr fiverr gigs , right here on the site.

There are…

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