How To Plan for a Bright Future

There are many persons who have decided to plan for a future that is bright
 They are telling the children how to treat the environment right
In a new and creative way
Here is your opportunity to start your planning today
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No More plastic pollution
We found the solution
No more toxic waste in our food
We will always be in a good mood
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So click on the link and visit the site below
Tell the children about reducing, reusing, recycling, planting trees and watching them grow
Check out the eBooks and Fiverr gigs and let’s have some fun
There is important information here for our daughters and our sons
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Far From Home

When I’m far from home and no one seems to care

I find a way to look at the birds up there

They never seem to worry at all

and say their backs are against the wall


I remember that we are all free

To enjoy nature like the birds and the bees

So I can smile and sing

There is no need for

me to worry

about a


Gone are the Days

Gone are the days

When we thought all our waste

would disappear in the Sea

And there would always be a 

clean environment left for you and me

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So let’s tell our children 

all they need to know 

They will enjoy reading while 

they learn about recycling, reusing and reducing

And look forward to a future that is bright

As they treat the environment right

Now you can tell the children by supporting a great project here

Show them how much you care