Press Release and more Information about the Project

via Press Release and more Information about the Project


If no one Tells

If no one tells the children about the 

suffering Turtles out there

How will they know that they should 

take protect the environment and

understand why they should care

If no one tells the children about toxic fumes

Won’t they just assume

That the materialistic behavior doesn’t hurt

at all

And their backs will never be against the wall

When everything is polluted and toxic

And even they are getting sick


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Help Children to be Aware

When the children are aware of what

 they can do to reuse plastic

in many ways

They will not be discarding waste 

in the wrong way and make 

it hard fFeatured Image -- 759or others to

keep streets clean

every day

They will learn how to make 

toys and many other things 

they can give as gifts

to others 

They will start learning how 

good it is for them to 

be kind to sister

and brothers


The book will be published soon on …….. thank you for supporting the project

A Bright Tomorrow

So easy for us to work towards having a bright tomorrow

When we plan on  having clean water and air, so we can reduce our sorrow

We can easily tell the children how to treat the environment right

Now that we know that they will be working towards making their own future bright



Let us show the children how much we care

When we tell them not to allow the plastic to be scattered everywhere

Let’s tell them about zero waste and what they can do to make that possible

We only have one planet to live on, and we want their future to be incredible

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The materialistic plan

For every woman and man

Includes watching ads on tv

Before going on a shopping spree

And it has left some people dirt poor

When the rich only want more and more

While the environment is being destroyed

The big corporations and their CEO’s are overjoyed

Not realizing they have nothing to gain

From someone else’s pain

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The Environment and the Children’s Future

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If leaving a great legacy for our children is our wish

Then we should tell them how to take care of even the fish

This might seem to be a bit extreme

But we should do this if we want them to even have a dream

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The plastic pollution problem is real

Right now we are not giving our children the best deal

But we can turn things around right now

It is so simple, let me tell you how

When they know why recycling is a good thing to do

They won’t make excuses, they will help to do it too

And they will want to make haste

To reduce plastic waste

Reusing plastic

Will make them feel fantastic


If we don’t tell the children what causes the toxic fumes to rise
And cause them to have runny noses and watery eyes

Can we assume that they won’t face a future that is filled with gloom?
It is so much better to make changes now, than for you to assume

girl-rabbit-friendship-love-160933.jpegIf we won’t tell the children how to treat the environment right
Will they have a future that is beautiful and bright?

Don’t allow this opportunity to tell them, to pass you by
One day they will look at you and ask you why

Get great e books for the children and the environment here

Get great ebooks for the children and the environment here

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Show the Childen How much you Care

Please take a look


Show the children how much you care today

Help them to treat the environment in a much better way

Now that it is easy for you to tell them all they need to know

They will help to protect the environment and have hope for a better tomorrow


Tell them about plastic pollution and the damage it is causing

Help this project to give them books about reducing, recycling and reusing

We can send the children great messages about environmental protection awareness in a new way

So let’s get started today

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When you order these books you’ll be contributing to the great project

Let us show Mother Earth some respect

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