Why it is Important for Kids to Know About Tree Planting


The children’s imagination comes alive when they see small things grow, they are also motivated and inspired when they see how much they can do with some water and a seed. It is not too early for a 3-year-old child to start learning about planting seeds and watching them grow. They will be learning about the source of their food and what they can do to feed themselves and others in the future.


There is a new ebook coming to this website soon, the contributors who have supported this project for the children and the environment over the years have made it possible, as we all believe that talking about the planting of trees and protecting the environment should be simple enough for children to understand.

Children are very curious and it is good for us to give them good information when they are willing to learn about the important…

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Excuses and Our Environment

Let’s face it

Making an excuse 

is a simple thing to do

But excuses won’t ever

help you to be a better you

Excuses won’t remove plastic from the ocean

We really need to make a simple decision

To change the way we buy and sell on our planet

So we won’t be sad when all we have is regret


Saying I should have reduced, reused and recycled

I should be paying more attention to the Seagulls and the Turtles

I should try working towards having no waste if that is what it takes

A clean environment won’t appear when our commitment to having one is fake

So let’s do more for our planet, so we can have the life we want to live

When we protect the environment we’ll enjoy all the great rewards, Nature has to give

When children know why they should treat the environment rightThey can easily work towards having a future that is bright.................www.funwritingsandthings.wordpress.com

Showing Love To Mother Earth

Single-use plastic has become a problem for us today

If we won’t use reusable cups and bottles we will never live in a better way

The Oceans are filled with micro-plastic  right now

We need to change what we are doing and we need to 

tell inform children  so they will know how

To make plans for a future that is bright

When they learn how they can treat the environment right


More about Biodegradable packaging and Protecting the Environment


 The Children benefit from knowing the Difference Between Non-biodegradable waste and Biodegradable waste
Children who are aware of all they can do to protect the environment and know the difference between Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable waste will make better decisions when they go shopping and when they discard their waste. They will know about the many things they can do to protect the environment. They will grow up and continue having good habits. So they will know how to stay healthy as they do all they can to protect the environment. There will be a reduction in the amount of respiratory illnesses that is being experienced by persons when they inhale toxic fumes. It is good for our children to know how they can benefit from environmental protection

father-daughter-beach-sea-38302.jpegHabits Help

Lets not wait until children become adults before we try to get them to change bad habits by spending a…

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Deep Blue Sea

I heard you calling me

Deep Blue Sea

with your rushing waves

You told me I could be brave

I should challenge the oppressor

And be free forever

Free to feel the soft wind on my face

Free to visit that beautiful place

Free to sit by your shore

And say I will worry no more

Oh deep blue sea

You really do a lot for me