When a Child Plants a Tree

When you tell a child about planting a seed that will become a tree you will help them to learn a lot

They will start believing that the good thing they got

Was a great idea that a small seed will become a big tree one day

And they will be chasing hunger away

They will even start thinking about being kind

And see how they will start helping others to have peace of mind

So help a child to plant a seed

They will follow when you lead 



Ricardo’s Tree a book that will help children to learn about the importance of trees.

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Children and the Environment

Can we say the kids who don’t know anything
about protecting the environment will
have a bright future ahead of them?
Or will they be getting ready to add to a
huge problem
Let us show them how much we care
There is a simple way to get special books
for them right here


The best time for us to start protecting the environment is now
So let us learn more while we tell the children how

The Environment and the Children’s Future

If we don’t tell the children what causes the toxic fumes to rise
And cause them to have runny noses and watery eyes

Can we assume that they won’t face a future that is filled with gloom?
It is so much better to make changes now, than for you to assume


If we won’t tell the children how to treat the environment right
Will they have a future that is beautiful and bright?

Don’t allow this opportunity to tell them, to pass you by
One day they will look at you and ask you why

Get great e books for the children and the environment here

Get great ebooks for the children and the environment here