Acid Rain

Toxic fumes rise to the sky
And then Acid rain falls
So plants and creatures wonder why
Why so many of them die
When change could make a difference
Let’s take another look at how we
treat the environment, it makes a lot of sense



How to Get Children to be Involved in Environmental Clubs

More information about Environmental Clubs


Energizing and Empowering Kids
When teachers start environmental clubs at schools they are energizing and empowering their students to create a bright future for themselves. Students will be more willing to take care of the environment and pay more attention to their communities. They will be more aware of the many important issues like how e waste and plastic waste are polluting the environment, as these are some problems that are being faced in the world in these modern days.

Teachers who start their clubs, by speaking to their students about starting these clubs, so they can get students who show interest in their ideas to meet, are the ones who are usually successful in having big environmental Clubs. They will also encourage the first group of students they meet with to encourage others to join the club; when they do this, the club will constantly be growing. It is…

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Don’t Leave Earth Like This


Don’t leave a messed up ocean and no plan

Don’t leave without telling the children that they can

Yes you can tell them the truth about changing the pollution out there

So that they can start believing that you truly care

How can they survive with a polluted environment

Tell me how will they find peace and contentment

Don’t leave a mess and tell them that they will have success

Don’t -Don’t -Don’t Do that


Just stop and think some more

Climate change is right at our door

What will they do when you are gone

The children won’t be able to carry on

When everything is destroyed my friend

We should never pretend

Don’t – Don’t – Don’t

Don’t say everything is just fine

When you know that in your heart and mine

We feel sorry for the way the earth has been treated

And we should do all we can for the environment before we say we are defeated

Let’s start telling the children about recycling and why it is a good thing for them to do today

So we all can live in a better way

Take a look at the ebooks and fiverrgigs for the project. It is for the environment and the children. Let’s change what we are doing now