Doing a great thing for the children and the environment as you get great service and more

Get great service and e books here. You’ll be supporting a great project for the children and the environment


Climate change is changing our world so quickly and the devastating effects is causing more poverty . Doing things in new ways has become more necessary these days. We can’t afford to wait for the next generation to do something about the problems we have right now. We need to equip them with the right information about protecting the environment today. So that there can be a change in the way we care      for the environment. Let us show children that we care about their future. Educating them about the small things they can do each day for the environment, is one thing that is very important.  We should try to slow down the impact of climate change. Fun Writings and Things has e books about recycling, tree planting, reusing and reducing the use of plastic. More of these e books will be easily found on, making…

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