Cool Winds

I am glad I found the place where the cool winds blow

When my heart was filled with sorrow

I thought my life was coming to an end

As I was losing my special friend


But the cool winds reminded me of God’s love

And then I found a way to rise above

The things I thought would hold me back

And I was able to keep my life on the right track


The cool winds gave me hope and joy

I saw all the things in life, I should enjoy

So now I know I don’t need to worry again

The cool winds took away my pain ………….take a look




The Sun

We have such a great feeling

when the sun comes out

It chases the darkness away

and removes the doubt

You see we start believing

that things can get better

As there is a creator

Who is always doing things

on time

And somehow our spirits

starts to climb

When we are greeted by

loved ones and friends

We just keep on living

until the day ends