Beautiful Moon

When the moon is beautiful and bright

Everything in the world seems to be just right

There is no need to worry at all

All your troubles will look small

So easy to have a peaceful feeling

Even when the rain is falling

But the moon is shining up above

All you can think about is love


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The Rose


The Rose is the flower he chose

When he wanted to chase her blues away

The rose was the flower he chose

When he wanted her to ask him to stay

Nature found a way to take care of his needs

 We can always go on a great journey when nature leads

And choose the rose when you can’t find words

You will find love , and you’ll be as happy as those birds


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Beautiful Blooms


Beautiful blooms can warm a heart

After it has been torn apart
Beautiful blooms fill the air
with a nice fragrance
So we can always
believe we
have a chance
So Nature gives us all we need
And helps us to succeed
So let’s treat our
Environment well
So we can have
more great
to tell
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