The Cool Winds


When the cool winds blow across your face

Do you ever feel as if you have been taken to better place

And all your dreams came true

And you have forgotten how it feels to be blue

Your heart is filled with peace

All your worries cease

Life is beautiful at last

Trouble is in the past

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Peace And Love

If people could think

 about peace and love
and all the benefits                                                                                                              they would stop for a while
And then they would
put on a smile
And forget anger
hate and abuse
And realize that they
can refuse
 To hurt their loved ones
And start making great plans
To have a future that is bright
Because they have finally
seen the light



A Clean Environment- Get The Children Involved

And a big part of the problem will be solved

Tell them how their future can be bright

When they simply do what is right

Tell them about recycling

And tree planting

It is such an easy thing to do

Great books are offered here
And you’ll be able to say you care
About the environment and the children too
Let’s tell them about the things they can do
To create a better future for themselves
So they can feel as if they are little Elves
Going around doing great things for themselves and others too
Protect the environment, it’s a great thing to do

You can contribute to the project by purchasing a book.

Simply click on the links below

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The Bloom

The flowers bloom

When it is time to forget the gloom
When it’s time to see the sun rise
So never say it is not good to be wise
And you should never say life is not special
Even when you have a trial
As a new day will be coming soon
And you will be singing a new tune
You see life changes from time to time
One day you’re down and then the spirit can climb
When you are grateful for the air you breath
Then you will always find a way to succeed

Easy To Tell The Children Now


Now it is easy for you to tell the children how to protect the environment. Just visit the site , where you will find e books about love, motivation and the beauty of paradise. Children will love to read the e book ” Fun In Jamaica – Ocho Rios” as it tells a great story about a family who enjoys the simple pleasures of life as they climb the water falls, raft on the river and a lot more.

You can also order a jingle for your business, a song for your child or yourself, poems for your loved ones, twitter advertising , special poems for motivation, special words for your e cards and great little articles about relationships for your magazines.

When you purchase or order anything on the site you are making a contribution to the publishing cost of the e books about protecting the environment. Slowly we will see a change…

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