Tell The Children About Protecting The Environment

Tell The Children About Protecting The Environment.

Tell the Children now

They need to know how

To protect the environment

This is not just a sentiment


Too much plastic is ending up in the sea

But protecting the environment will set us free

From the negative effects of blocked up drains

And plastic won’t get to the seashore when it rains

Remember you can tell the children by simply buying any one of my e books or gigs. The money will go towards the publishing of the new books about ‘protecting the environment’ for the children.


Tell The Children About Protecting The Environment

I believe it is time for children to learn more about what they can do to have a bright future. So they won’t continue to litter streets and use excessive amounts of plastic. I am hoping they will even begin to understand that trees are very important and they can start thinking about planting trees and taking care of them.

So I have written two great little stories. The first one is about a cute Turtle and how plastic affects her. In this story I have also found a creative way to encourage our children to pay more attention to re-using and recycling plastic.

The other story is all about a little boy who is very excited about planting a tree, as he is a great dreamer who dreams about delicious fruits and a lot more.

I have published many e books as I didn’t need illustrations for them. But I know you will agree with me when I say, the children’s books will need colorful illustrations. So I have come up with an easy way for you to support this badly needed project. Whenever you purchase the other e books the money you spend, will go towards the publishing cost of the children’s books I mentioned before.

The links to the e books and the fiverr gigs are in the next post. So easy for you to find remember you can make donations to this project by purchasing the e books and gigs

The E Books and Fiverr gigs I am using to generate funding for the publishing of the Children’s books


Your support will be highly appreciated
Remember ,life gets better everyday
When we simply say
We will not stop
Until we get to the top