A New Look at Environmental Protection

Burning plastic releases dangerous toxins in the air

Saving our environment is important , it is time for us to care

Now there is a good way for you to help the children and treat the environment right

It’s our future , it is important for us to do things to make it bright


You can contribute to an awesome project for the kids right here:



When you order e books and fiverr gigs on the site; and you’ll have more books about environmental protection to share with all the children you know.

“Saving Taffy Turtle” is the first one in this series, children will love it







Don’t Allow The Children To Say

Don’t allow the children to say
We didn’t tell them how to treat the environment in a better way
Now that you can just order gigs and some e books here
And show them how much you care
They will understand everything about the importance of recycling
And they will be prepared for a future that is bright , when they learn about tree planting
Let’s tell them about reducing and re-using plastic
So they will understand that environmental protection has nothing to do with a trick
We can now tell the youth the truth about important facts
So they can put their lives on the right track
So let’s start today
Help them to live in a better way

Gone are the Days

Gone are the days

When we thought all our waste

would disappear in the Sea

And there would always be a 

clean environment left for you and me

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So let’s tell our children 

all they need to know 

They will enjoy reading while 

they learn about recycling, reusing and reducing

And look forward to a future that is bright

As they treat the environment right

Now you can tell the children by supporting a great project here

Show them how much you care

If no one Tells

If no one tells the children about the 

suffering Turtles out there

How will they know that they should 

take protect the environment and

understand why they should care

If no one tells the children about toxic fumes

Won’t they just assume

That the materialistic behavior doesn’t hurt

at all

And their backs will never be against the wall

When everything is polluted and toxic

And even they are getting sick


adult beautiful elegant eyewear
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Help Children to be Aware

When the children are aware of what

 they can do to reuse plastic

in many ways

They will not be discarding waste 

in the wrong way and make 

it hard fFeatured Image -- 759or others to

keep streets clean

every day

They will learn how to make 

toys and many other things 

they can give as gifts

to others 

They will start learning how 

good it is for them to 

be kind to sister

and brothers


The book will be published soon on Amazon.com …….. thank you for supporting the project