A New Look at Environmental Protection

Burning plastic releases dangerous toxins in the air

Saving our environment is important , it is time for us to care

Now there is a good way for you to help the children and treat the environment right

It’s our future , it is important for us to do things to make it bright


You can contribute to an awesome project for the kids right here:



When you order e books and fiverr gigs on the site; and you’ll have more books about environmental protection to share with all the children you know.

“Saving Taffy Turtle” is the first one in this series, children will love it







Don’t Allow The Children To Say

Don’t allow the children to say
We didn’t tell them how to treat the environment in a better way
Now that you can just order gigs and some e books here
And show them how much you care
They will understand everything about the importance of recycling
And they will be prepared for a future that is bright , when they learn about tree planting
Let’s tell them about reducing and re-using plastic
So they will understand that environmental protection has nothing to do with a trick
We can now tell the youth the truth about important facts
So they can put their lives on the right track
So let’s start today
Help them to live in a better way

Children and the Environment

Can we say the kids who don’t know anything
about protecting the environment will
have a bright future ahead of them?
Or will they be getting ready to add to a
huge problem
Let us show them how much we care
There is a simple way to get special books
for them right here


The best time for us to start protecting the environment is now
So let us learn more while we tell the children how

The Environment and the Children’s Future

If we don’t tell the children what causes the toxic fumes to rise
And cause them to have runny noses and watery eyes

Can we assume that they won’t face a future that is filled with gloom?
It is so much better to make changes now, than for you to assume


If we won’t tell the children how to treat the environment right
Will they have a future that is beautiful and bright?

Don’t allow this opportunity to tell them, to pass you by
One day they will look at you and ask you why

Get great e books for the children and the environment here

Get great ebooks for the children and the environment here

About E-Waste


It is time for us to think about our electronics
and where they go when we are done with them
Right now they are becoming a big problem
Leaking toxins into our rivers and streams
I hope manufacturers will be doing more to
recycle cell phones, laptops and other
electronics so we can look forward to
having the bright future
we see in our dreams

Let’s think about our future and
the example we set for kids
when we discard our waste
Or we will be contaminating
the food we like to taste


Take a look at the project for children and the environment

Click here {
You can do more for the children and the environment in a new and creative way today

Protecting the Environment – Use Reusable Bags, cups and More

A new look

Fun Writings and Things

Dining at restaurants where reusable utensils are used is good for the environment. The use of plastic straws, knives, forks and spoons causes us to have more plastic waste to burn, which pollutes our air. In order to reduce waste we need to pay attention to these issues as we work towards having a clean and healthy environment.
It is also good for our children to practice using these utensils as well, so they won’t be embarrassed when they attend formal occasions and they don’t know what to do at the dining table.

Reusable Bags for Shopping

Using reusable bags when we shop can help to reduce the amount of plastic that gets into our oceans and seas. We will be doing more to protect our marine animals when we use less plastic bags. Burning these bags in the landfills produce toxic fumes that is bad for our health also…

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The Best Way To Tell Children About Recycling

Take a look

Fun Writings and Things

Since we know that the average person throws away 4 lbs. of trash every day, and 75% of it can be recycled. It is time for us to inform children and prepare them to do their part in protecting the environment. When we tell them about the effect of burning plastic and other waste on our health. Now that we know how the sound of the waves helps us to relax when we are at the beach, and what it does for our mental health. We will want to do more to help them to understand how important it is for them to assist with recycling.

pexels-photo-796606.jpegBenefits of Telling Kids About Recycling
When children are told about the importance of recycling, they are willing to assist with the separation of waste in the home and they will encourage their friends to assist their parents as well.
You will notice…

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