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What I do…

Poetic Activism
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My blog is a blend of poetry and environmental activism. I am passionate about empowering the youths of today with the wisdom needed to create a better future.

Writing Services
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For as low as $5.00 I will write personalized poems, song and jingle lyrics, articles for your blogs and magazines, scripts for your promotional videos and more.

Fantastic E-Books
ecokids project
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Children are our future! The earlier we can instil passion and respect for our environment in them, the better the chance humanity has for survival. Let’s get them started right away!

Kid’s Environmental E-Books

Ecofriendly ebooks for kids
This story tells about the changes children will make as they replace single-use plastic with reusable bags or bottles and more.
Reduce for Taffy Turtle
Learn about the Tainos and Marcus Garvey, Jamaica’s first National Hero, as Shari and Grandpa Tom go fishing in Gut River.
Marcus Garvey & The Tainos in Canoe Valley
Protecting the environment by planting trees is a very important topic and our children should be told all about it. This book will help them to understand how to plant trees.
Ricardo’s Tree

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Pay It Forward

Protecting the future by educating our children.

My Hope for Humanity

environmental awareness and activism

I believe in equipping the whole family with great skills and plans to reduce pollution in order to achieve a healthy environment. Children will have a new mindset; they’ll be learning skills that they will never forget! A method of analytical thinking will be instilled in them, enabling them to become independent thinkers. As they mature into responsible citizens who will easily reduce pollution in many ways, there will be no more need for picketing.

About Me

Poet. Songwriter. Mom. Environmental Activist. My goal: To equip every child with eco-friendly tips.

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